I have started to this new plan where I will have one cheat day, and 3 days going full veggies and fruits and the other 3 veggies, white meat, and fruits. No juice no soda or anything with too much sugar or salt. I wil measure myself in two weeks to see if this new plan will work on my self since my metabolism is really wierd. I’m working hard in the gym and I’m drinking tea also. 


My Start! 2/17/2016


Today is my first day starting a blog/diary for myself. I’m starting this so I find myself motivated and lose weight. I still don’t know how to use wordpress/blog, so it might look weird now. I’m going to blog about differents stuff such as, my eating and workout routine, any health thoughts or things I think about, my goals and many more. I just think this might help me a little.

My goals is to weight 130 lbs. Build muscle, run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or below, and someday become a heavy weight lifter.

My current weight is 175 lbs, and I’m 5’3.

In a scale from 1(bad) to 10(Amazing) I feel a 7.


Morning: 1 banana

Lunch: spinach salad with broccoli, grilled cheese (wheat bread), water.

Diner: Flat bread with Ham & Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onions. Salt&vinegar, and one slice of pizza, water.


Elliptical: 20 minutes, 8 resistance.

Weights: Back.