My Start! 2/17/2016


Today is my first day starting a blog/diary for myself. I’m starting this so I find myself motivated and lose weight. I still don’t know how to use wordpress/blog, so it might look weird now. I’m going to blog about differents stuff such as, my eating and workout routine, any health thoughts or things I think about, my goals and many more. I just think this might help me a little.

My goals is to weight 130 lbs. Build muscle, run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes or below, and someday become a heavy weight lifter.

My current weight is 175 lbs, and I’m 5’3.

In a scale from 1(bad) to 10(Amazing) I feel a 7.


Morning: 1 banana

Lunch: spinach salad with broccoli, grilled cheese (wheat bread), water.

Diner: Flat bread with Ham & Swiss, lettuce, tomato, onions. Salt&vinegar, and one slice of pizza, water.


Elliptical: 20 minutes, 8 resistance.

Weights: Back.